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Jenny Morris - Bridge

Structured courses include a power-point presentation, handouts and quizzes all based on the weekly topic. Discussion and questions are always welcome. Unfortunately due to the Covid 19 threat we cannot actually play our pre-dealt hands.

This course is for people who are playing bridge both socially or competitively and want to polish up their performance. By paying more attention to the nuances of their bidding, play and defence we hope they will feel better prepared for the challenges of bridge.


Although the lessons are structured, each week will cover a different topic which is not necessarily related to the week before.

The range of topics will include some of the following: Negative Doubles, Takeout and Penalty Doubles, Stayman and Transfers, Weak Two Openers and Weak Jump Overcalls, Leads and Third Hand Play, Rule of 11, Signals, Discards, Reverse Bids, Limit Bids and Hand Evaluations and the Losing Trick Count.


Further into the course students will be asked to suggest what they would like to be included and we will take a majority vote!


Each lesson will start by correcting the quiz from the previous week's topic, then there will be a power-point presentation based on a new topic. If there is time,  some ready prepared play hands  will be shown for students to bid and talk through the play. Unfortunately due to the Covid 19 threat we cannot actually play our pre-dealt hands.

Quizzes and handouts, based on the weekly topics, will be sent to students by email after each lesson along with the Zoom link for the next week's class. Each term follows on from the previous term.

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