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 Jenny Morris Bridge
Information about the Courses

Structured courses - Beginning Bridge Year 1 and Better Bridge, include a power-point presentation, handouts, quizzes and pre-dealt hands all based on the weekly topic. Discussion and questions are always welcome.


When you enrol for sessions we assume that you agree to our Privacy Policy which is on this website under the 'Policies' page.

Beginning Bridge - Year 1

This is a 3-term Year Course which is for people who have absolutely no bridge experience but are keen to learn with other beginners. We start off by using mini-bridge, and then lead gradually into the language of bridge bidding. 

Each lesson will begin with a revision of the previous week's topic, followed by the quiz answers and questions. There will be a power-point presentation based on a new topic. Students will then be able to play some ready prepared hands and will be helped at any stage of the bidding and play.

At the end of the lesson students will be given quizzes and handouts based on the weekly topic. Each term follows on from the previous term so students joining in terms 2 and 3 will require some bridge or whist knowledge. 

Practise the Basics

This is for people who have been playing bridge for at least one year. The aim is consolidate foundation principles of modern bridge. The course is a chance for students to play out prepared topic based hands with time to discuss and analyse their bidding, evaluate their hands beyond the point count and work out their best defence. They will be helped at any stage of the session.


The topics will include different types of Opening hands, Responses and the Continuation of the Auction. There will be competitive bidding including Take-out Doubles and Weak Jump Overcalls. Stayman and transfers will be used in response to No-trumps. There will be hands planning Declarer play and Defence strategies. 

Some students may want to use part of the session to play randomly dealt hands with help and direction from us.

 Better Bridge

These sessions are for more experienced players who are playing bridge both socially or competitively and want to add extra bite to their game!

Some of the following conventions will be included:  Jacoby, Splinter bids, Landy, Roman Key Card Blackwood (RKCB), Cue bidding for Controls, Unusual Notrump (UNT), Michaels Cue Bids, Fourth Suit Forcing (FSF), Unassuming Cue Bids (UCB).

We will also cover some natural bids, which by partnership agreement, can give or ask for additional information such as: Negative Doubles, Weak Jump Overcalls, Signals, Protective and Trial bids.

Deal, Ask and Play


All bridge standards are welcome, from Beginners to more experienced players. We will organise tables according to ability.


Students will deal their own hands and be able to ask about any aspect of bidding, play defence and tactics for both rubber and duplicate bridge. We will endeavour to bring students up to date with new bridge systems and handouts will be available on these topics. Students will be encouraged to bring in problem hands for discussion. All questions are welcome.

If students are unable to attend a session we will try and fit them into another session in lieu.

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