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Jenny Morris - Bridge

Short Courses

Structured courses include a power-point presentation, pre-dealt hands, handouts and quizzes, all based on the weekly topic. Discussion and questions are always welcome.

Please contact us to let us know any specific topics you would like to be covered in a bespoke short course.

A course on Conventions 

Week 1 Landy, an uncomplicated defence to a 1NT opening bid.

Week 2  Fourth Suit Forcing, used when after three bids the partnership still hasn't found the 

best place in which to play the contract.

Week 3 Splinter bids and Jacoby, a way of showing a strong supporting response to a suit opening, guaranteeing game and suggesting the possibility of a slam.


Week 4 Weak Two opening bids and the responses. Also Weak Two Jump overcalls.

Week 5 Consolidation of the first four weeks using the pre-dealt practice hands from the conventions covered.

 A course on Competitive Bidding

Week 1 Suit overcalling at the 1-level and 2-level and the responses using the Level of Fit and the Unassuming Cue Bid.

Week 2 1 NT overcalling  with responses using Stayman and transfers.

Week 3 Take-out Doubles - including different hand strengths.

Week 4 Negative Doubles - coping with interference from the opening side's perspective.

Week 5 Consolidation of the first four weeks using the pre-dealt practice hands on overcalling.

A course on Slam Bidding


Week 1 Covers opening the bidding with 2 clubs, the strongest Game Forcing (GF) bid and the negative, positive or waiting responses.

Week 2 Initiating cue bidding to establish whether there are first or second round controls between the two hands. 

Week 3 Using Roman Key card Blackwood a method of discovering how many Aces are held as well as being able to locate the King and Queen of trumps.

Week 4 investigating slams after  NT openings using quantitiative bids.

Week 5 Revises the slam bidding and re-plays all the pre-dealt hands from the course.

 A course on Stayman and Transfers


Week 1 covers the basic use of Stayman to find a 4-4 fit in a major suit after partner has opened 1NT. and includes the use of weak Stayman and when not to use Stayman

Week 2 covers using Transfers to find at least a 5-3 fit in a major suit

Week 3 includes black suit transfers

Week 4 deal with a hand which has both a 4-card and 5-card major


Week 5 uses Stayman and transfers used in different situations such as after 2NT opening

and responding to 1NT overcalls

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